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Developing a retirement plan is a process of many parts. One of the primary components is the concept of investment planning, or the development of an investment roadmap that helps you meet short- and long-term financial goals. The investment planning professionals at Miramontes Capital can help with this crucial part of the retirement planning process.

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What is Investment Planning?

In simple terms, investment planning is a process by which one identifies their financial goals now and into the future, then creates an investment strategy to help meet those goals. Financial goals can take many forms, including buying a home, funding college tuition for children, setting aside money for retirement, or taking a well-deserved trip around the world. Investment plans typically include allocation of funds toward the purchase of stocks, bonds, real estate, or retirement savings. With a solid investment plan in place, you are able to match your financial resources with your goals and objectives, both in your current life and well after retirement.

Developing an Investment Plan with Miramontes Capital

Miramontes Capital specializes in helping clients achieve their financial goals.


Our team of Certified Financial Planners work directly with each client, developing plans that work for current needs as well as future financial objectives. We understand that investment planning can be a complex process, and that our clients will have many questions. Our planners walk each client through the process, helping to identify goals, objectives, and needs and developing an investment plan that meets those goals.


As part of the planning process, we provide answers to questions like:


  • What are your financial goals?
  • What timeframe do you need to reach those goals?
  • How much investment risk can you tolerate?
  • What are your current assets, and how much can you allocate toward investments?
  • Are you concerned about taxes and how they may impact your financial future?
  • Are you prepared to adjust your plan as goals and needs change?


The answers to these questions help to determine the path forward. With the talented and committed financial professionals at Miramontes Capital, we make the investment planning process as easy and as clear as possible

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It is never too early to begin planning for your retirement. As an important part of the process, investment planning can help shape your financial future. To learn more about our retirement planning services, or to schedule an appointment, call Miramontes Capital today at 1-800-460-1595.

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