Long Term Care and Life Insurance

About 70% of seniors will eventually need some form of long term care.


As we plan for our retirements, most people understand the concept of setting aside money for future expenses. This can include making investments, participating in pension plans, or funding retirement accounts. Government retirement benefits are also sources of income after we retire. These potential sources of income may not be enough, especially when we want our loved ones to be financial secure well after we’re gone. Another aspect that many people do not consider when planning for retirement is how we might pay for long-term care. Miramontes Capital can help.

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Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance

For retirement planning, specialized insurance policies provide solutions. Life insurance plans provide income for our loved ones. Long-term care insurance is designed to supplement government plans like Medicare in helping to pay for care expenses not covered under Medicare.


There are many types of life insurance plans. These are typically divided into two major categories: term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance is a policy that provides coverage for a specified period of time. If you survive past the end of the policy term, there is no payout. Whole life insurance provides coverage until death. Many of these policies build value over time. In both cases, if you die while your plan is in effect, the insurance will pay death benefits to your surviving family members.


Long-term care insurance is another part of the retirement planning puzzle. Medicare and other government-provided benefits available to retirees only cover certain aspects of healthcare, particularly direct medical expenses. Medicare does not help pay for care costs associated with bathing, transportation, clothing, or household needs like cleaning, grocery shopping, and money management. Long-term care insurance “fills the gap”, providing the funds needed to cover these expenses when you need care after retirement.

Retirement Insurance Solutions by Miramontes Capital

As retirement planning specialists, the team at Miramontes Capital understands that life insurance and long-term care insurance represent parts of a comprehensive retirement plan. We all want a stable financial future for ourselves and our loved ones after we retire. These specialized insurance policies help provide peace of mind.


Because there are so many choices when it comes to insurance policies, guidance can be of great benefit in choosing policies. The team at Miramontes Capital takes the time to understand your needs and your concerns. With this information, we can help you select the insurance plans that meet your needs now and into the future. Our guidance and client care are unrivaled in the retirement planning industry.

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Life insurance and long-term care insurance are critical parts of the retirement plan. Speak to our dedicated retirement planning professionals today by calling Miramontes Capital at 1-800-460-1595 for more information or to schedule and appointment.

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