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Taxes don’t stop when our paychecks do …


When planning for retirement, it is important to understand that taxes don’t stop when our paychecks do. Taxes can impact our retirement finances, even after we’re gone. To ensure a stable financial future for you and for your loved ones, tax planning represents a critical part of the retirement planning process. At Miramontes Capital, our tax planning experts can help you develop a plan that meets your needs and goals perfectly.

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What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is the process by which financial assets are analyzed from a taxation perspective to ensure tax efficiency, or reducing the tax liability that may negatively affect the value of accumulated retirement assets. A tax plan encompasses many components, including the selection of tax-advantaged or tax-deferred investments, participation in retirement plans, tax deductions, minimizing estate taxes, and planning for purchases now and in the future. A solid tax plan will also set up distributions of proceeds from retirement plans and investments in a manner that reduces or eliminates tax liability.


Retirement plans are a common way that many people accumulate wealth while minimizing taxes. Retirement plans take many forms, including Traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, or employer-sponsored pension plans. With our help, we will help you select the retirement plans that work for your needs now and after you retire. Reducing taxes with a tax plan is a smart way to protect your hard-earned assets and as such is a very important part of the overall retirement planning process.

Tax Planning by Miramontes Capital

Tax planning is a complex process with many parts that work together to prepare for the future after you retire. The tax planning specialists at Miramontes Capital know that every client is different, each with their own financial goals, needs, and concerns. By working closely with each client, we can determine the best plan that meets those goals and needs, even after you stop receiving a paycheck. By leveraging our experience in the highly-complex field of tax planning, we can help you maximize your financial assets, paving the way for a stable and secure financial future for you and your loved ones.

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Tax planning is an important but commonly-overlooked part of the retirement planning process. Miramontes Capital can help you by devising a comprehensive tax plan that meets your needs and financial goals now and well after you retire. Call Miramontes Capital today at 1-800-460-1595 to learn more about our range of financial services or to schedule an appointment.

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