At the FREE workshop with complimentary dinner we will dive deeper into:

•  Managing your lifestyle in retirement.

•  Your concerns about running out of money.

•  Your goals and concerns regarding retirement.

•  Your investment (debt planning, dividend strategies, inflation, building a plan that works for you, and our full service communication method – AKA we reach out to you every 30-45 days instead of only once a year)

•  Social Security

•  Fiduciary responsibilities (remember, this means that legally your interests come first)

•  Continual communication (estate planning, tax planning, etc.)

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Your Guide to Retirement.

Miramontes Capital builds meaningful lives extending financial services to Southern California and beyond.

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Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

– Alan Lakein

Miracles For Kids – Our Charity of Choice

Miramontes Capital is a proud corporate partner of Miracles for Kids, working together to effect change for critically-ill children and families in great need in our communities and beyond. We encourage everyone to learn more, give or get involved.

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Retirement Planning

Gearing up for retirement cannot be done in a single day. It takes persistence and care. At Miramontes Capital, we can help you through the sometimes daunting process. You have goals and we have the team to help you reach them. The number one goal is to provide you with a first-class, customized service experience to best suit your retirement objectives.

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Investment Planning

Developing a retirement plan is a process of many parts. One of the primary components is the concept of investment planning, or the development of an investment roadmap that helps you meet short- and long-term financial goals. The investment planning professionals at Miramontes Capital can help with this crucial part of the retirement planning process.

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Financial Planning

Do you dream of a stable financial future for you and for your loved ones? With a financial plan in place, you can make those dreams a reality. Financial planning is an important aspect of retirement planning, helping you to make smart financial decisions for your current and future needs. Let our help you develop a financial roadmap that meets your needs perfectly.

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Life Insurance & Lifetime Care

Setting aside money for future expenses can include making investments, participating in pension plans, funding retirement accounts, or government retirement benefits. These potential sources of income may not be enough, especially when planning for long-term care or financial security for our loved ones well after we’re gone. We can help.

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Trust & Estate Planning

Planning for retirement is no simple task. We tend to overlook one critical part: estate planning.With the experience of our estate planning attorneys, clients of Miramontes capital can take charge of their assets, setting a course for a stable financial future for them and their loved ones.

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Tax Planning

When planning for retirement, it is important to understand that taxes don’t stop when our paychecks do. Taxes can impact our retirement finances, even after we’re gone. To ensure a stable financial future for you and for your loved ones, at Miramontes Capital, our tax planning experts can help you develop a plan that meets your needs and goals perfectly.

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