1.) What are your travel plans?

This is the time in your life where you should be crossing off each place on your bucket list. Create a list of all the places you wish to see. 

2.) Do you want to remain in the community where you live now or move somewhere else?

For many retirees, selling their current house is one of their biggest goals after retirement. Some may want to downsize into a smaller home. Others want to live closer to their family members. 

Just make sure that prior to moving that you’ve taken in several factors that can affect you and your lifestyle. From researching new medical staff, to available recreational facilities, and any other factors that can affect your decision to move. 

3.) How do you plan on keeping a social life in retirement?

Once you retire, your daily life will look a lot different. You may start spending more time with your family or friends. Or may be looking for new ways to meet new people. We encourage you to get involved in new activities that you enjoy. Start thinking of ways you can get more face time with people to avoid feeling lonely.  

4.) Do you plan on leaving behind an inheritance to your beneficiaries? 

There is no wrong answer here. However, we suggest you speak with your spouse and come to a mutual decision. When speaking with your financial advisor let them know of your decision.  

5.) When and how should you start taking social security?

This step is crucial and can affect your retirement income. Which is why we suggest meeting with a financial advisor who has an understanding of the Social Security system. This way you can create a strategy that would best benefit you and your finances.