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Imagine that, after a life’s worth of hard work, you’ve saved enough to make the huge investment of buying an apartment building. You sign the paperwork, you hand over ALL your retirement savings—your pension and your 401(k), and the building is yours. Now, your livelihood and life’s work is tied up in this single venture. You decide to hire a property manager to take care of the establishment. With this person holding the reins of your life, how often are you going to want to check up on your investment? How often are you going to visit the building?

“We’re going to be there every day!” most people say, “Every month at the least!” It’s a natural response. Who among us could comfortably say, “Sure, I trust my manager—I’ll just come once a year to check if everything’s all right”? And yet, this is precisely what the vast majority of investment professionals ask you to do. After you meet initially to set up your portfolio, they’ll schedule you for an annual checkup.

Let’s go back to your apartment building. It’s one year later and you’re meeting with your manager. He’s going to tell you, “OK, termites have eaten into the walls on the first floor. We need to take care of it. The tenants have painted the building purple for some reason. Let’s take care of it. The west section of the building has burned down because of an electrical fire. Let’s talk about our plan to rebuild it.” Over a year, anything could happen to your investments, and these changes, good or bad, can potentially alter your needs and plans in substantial ways. We live in an ever-fluctuating world. The markets change, but the needs of the client and his or her lifestyle choices change, too. That’s why you need a proactive plan when you retire, not a reactive plan, which has become the industry standard. To achieve this, the “Miramontes Method” came to fruition—which includes constant and continuous communication.

At Miramontes Capital, we design our clients’ portfolios by the same principal that governs an amazing work of art: perfect attentiveness to a clearly stated goal yields beautiful results. Defining a goal is your first and most important step as the retiree. Then it’s our job, as your financial architects, to design a retirement plan that helps you achieve that goal. Unlike paintings, though, which are painted once and are finished, a successful retirement demands continual vigilance to make sure that it still resembles the portfolio you set out to make.

When it comes to your “apartment building,” Miramontes Capital has a Constant Communications and Analysis method in place. Here is an overview:

  1. We review your lifestyle. A lot goes into our introductory meetings with clients. Later, as you enter retirement, we’ll be communicating with you every 30-45 days to ensure your lifestyle is represented in your plan.
  2. We communicate. Your portfolio is at the center. Every 30-45 days, we analyze your needs and your expectations for retirement and actively communicate the best options available to you. It’s this active and preemptive method that ensures your investment is taken care of.
  3. We adjust. As your spending habits, market information, and other factors change, we make sure that your portfolio reflects these changes. Nothing is more important to ensure the stability of your “apartment building.”


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