Top Free Personal Budgeting Tools

Sixty-eight percent of Americans do not budget—at all. But even if you do, one of these great resources—some of the top free personal budgeting tools out there—may help you do it even more efficiently.

Top Free Personal Budgeting Tools & Apps

This budgeter’s draw is that it links to your financial accounts, automatically transferring and updating budget information as you withdraw and deposit. Expense reports are automatically generated and sent to your email, always keeping you in the loop. With, there is also a nice bill pay option, among other interesting features. Best of all, it is free of charge.

This MoneyStrands app is one of the top free personal budgeting tools. It shares a lot of features of, but with a bend toward financial planning: there is more to offer as far as advice, and the blog community can be a place to learn about budgeting tips. Features that include a nice, clean bill calendar can at least make budgeting easier on the eyes.

AARP Benefit Calculator

The AARP Benefit Calculator has a simple tool that can help give you a basic idea of your Social Security benefits, and how they will change over time. Here at Miramontes Capital, we do not recommend relying solely on this to make your decision about when to receive benefits. However, it can be a great resource to answer your initial questions, and to jumpstart the planning process. By plugging in your basic personal details into the fields, it will provide charts, scenarios and advice on maximizing your benefits.

Activity Log

As a retiree, you are able to take advantage of 350% more time than when you were in the workforce. A simple activity planner can allow you to keep yourself accountable, and ensure that you continue to be a well-rounded person. If you can include at least one activity from each of your chosen categories each week, it is likely that you will feel more fulfilled and productive. Categories might include Health & Wellness, Personal & Professional Development, Friends & Family, Creativity, Spirituality and Community Service. Although this is not a financial budgeting tip, keeping track of how you spend your leisure time is just as important to a happy retirement.

Miramontes Capital Retirement Planning Profile

One of the top free personal budgeting tools comes from our professionals at Miramontes Capital. This Retirement Planning Profile allows you to organize the most important categories relevant to your lifestyle (whether that may be housing, transportation, loans, pets, food, etc.). Then, you can fill in the amounts, balances, and actual costs for each of the 12 categories and calculate your total expenses and debt.

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