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Helping someone plan for retirement is a very personal process.

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of clients. Every time I work through a client’s finances, I’m always amazed at the process. Some things are the same or similar for each person, such as their 401(k) and social security benefits. But there are other things totally unique to each individual. It’s this part that made me decide to write this book.

I started my business like many of you may have started yours: from the ground up. Interestingly, I started mine literally lying on the ground, giving financial advice to mechanics as they worked underneath buses. As I continued to gain experience from working with a variety of clients, I found that the real ways that I was growing came from learning from these various people’s experience–their hopes, fears, obstacles, and goals.

By far the greatest thing about working in retirement is the people. It never ceases to amaze me how committed, diligent, and good the average person is, and I’m happy to get the pleasure of assisting these people reach their financial goals. More than this, though, I get to learn from them. Every single client I’ve met has followed their dream for retirement in their own way, and by doing so has shown me just a little bit more of what motivates people when they plan for their retirement.

This book is more than just financial advice. It’s about the personal, the exceptional and the human side of retirement. I invite you to request your copy today.

Sid Miramontes
President, Miramontes Capital

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